Yaranka Koumare

Yaranka Koumare
Year of birth: 


Yaranka is a smiling, beautilful little boy. He is 8 years old and enrolled in the 1st class at the École Cherifoula in Bamako Mali. He has 3 siblings. The family moved to the Sanfil slum of Bamako from Kulikoro not long ago. The father is a public worker who helps to collect the litters on the streets of Bamako. His mother works as a housemaid at white people. The family lives in a semi-finished house close to the school. There is neither water not toilet in the house. The hall that leads to their room is totally dark, we must make light with our mobiles when we visit their room. It is only 10x10 feet big and a sole light bulb gives some light in the darkness. The litte boy sleeps on the floor on a reed mace, they hae no money for a mattress. Although only his father attended school, both parents want him to study. Unlike the other students, Yaranka knows exactly what he wants to become. He wants to be a movie maker when he grows up! He spends all his free time in front of the TV of their neighbour. But the lack of money hinders his effores. The family is unable, or pays with big delays the school fees.


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