The School of Hope



We pay for school in a place where there are no free schools available for children whose parents can’t afford to send their talented orphan or half orphan children to school.


The children are students in the Cours Privée Boun Said Ba private school in Yeumbeul, Dakar. Those lucky children go to this school, whose parents sometimes struggling to, but can pay for the relatively low tuition fee of the private school in Dakar. Being in a private school doesn’t mean luxury, only smaller class sizes and better studying conditions than are in the state-funded education, fewer strikes and higher quality education. Since the school’s founding in 1985 there had been an English teacher (who is currently teaching in the school), a doctor and an engineer who graduated from it. The children in the school can study from their first-class year until graduation. Grade school is 6, middle school is 4 years, after which the students have an exam. Those who pass it have the opportunity to study for 3 additional years either in that school, or another. At the end of that period, they can take a school leaving exam. If they pass the final exam, they can continue their studies at a university.


The students were recommended by their teachers, each one of them are the best of their classes. They are all orphans or half orphans. In most of the case, their fathers passed away. In the Senegalese society, the absence of the father puts the wives and children in a vulnerable position, as after the loss of the head of the family, their fates and support are in the hands of the father’s family. Currently, these children aren’t supported by any organization or person. Every child is in need of symbolic adoptive parents, supporters with good intentions, so that they can continue their studies.


How can i help?

  • With a year long symbolic adoption - recommended monthly subsidies for 12 months, monthly 5000 HUF [~17.65 USD] (from which 500 HUF [~1.76 USD] covers the program’s administrative costs). The payment may be done by transferring to the foundation’s account: 10400872-50526751-68831003, or by paying with cash in pre-arranged times every month, 4 or 2 times a year, or once in one amount for the entire year in advance. The tuition fee covers the cost of the school uniform and textbooks as well.
  • With personal packages (school supplies, clothes, toys), which we regularly deliver to the child.