Together until graduation

This program supports the students, who have already graduated from Cherifoula private school, or are attending 9th grade in the school. The aim is to support them in the high school years, and possibly until college or university graduation. High school in Mali is 3 years long.

Library Program

The students do not have school books, as the parents cannot afford to buy them. These books are so rare, that many times only the teacher has one, so the students write down everything from the blackboard.

Art for life

AFRICA ANOTHER WAY Foundation starts  its operation in a new country in cooperation with the "Travel to Africa!" Travel Agency!

The aim of the program is to enhance the survival of the traditional Senegalese tribal arts and ensure the education of  little emerging artists.

The development of the little, talented emerging artists living in the Grand Yoff District of Dakar is hindered by their living circumstances. They live their life on a very basic level and with unbalanced diet. They do not have real teachers; they learn the arts in an ad-hoc way, by following the training  of the elders. They reserve their energy for the daily fight for survival  Therefore they do not have sufficient time and energy for the development of their talents.

Bamako school support program

In Mali 30% of children don’t receive any education at all, and almost 80% of the population is illiteratre. Parents rarely consider sending their children to school, because they didn’t go to school either. In many occasions, however, they would send them but they cannot beacause they need the child to work at home. For many people in the country, there isn’t even a school near or far. Bamako is a fast-growing city where in many areas the government is behind with the development of schools. One of such areas is Sanfil for example, in the middle of town. It is surrounded by industrial parks, a slaughterhouse, trash piles and wholesale vegetable and livestock markets.

Child support program in Bamako

The children are students in the École Chérifoula primary school in Bamako. They have been selected through family visits with the help from their teachers. They are among the bests of the class but their parents are struggling to keep them at school due to lack of funds. They live in one of Bamako’s slums, Sanfil.

École Chérifoula is an island of hope, surrounded by a dirty swamp covered in green slime in a city where cows graze on trash dumps, accompanied by the unbearable stench of open drains full of black, rotting garbage. And of course, the usual 45°C heat, inside the tin-roofed huts. Those who attend École Chérifoula are lucky enough to have parents that can pay the school fees, or at least try to, although the school is considered to be very low-priced.