What We Do

The objectives of the foundation:

The purpose of the foundation is to provide material and ethical promotion for enhancing the education, and mental development of children, and to preserve the folklore traditions though the education of art for children living at the social periphery of the Western African countries as well as education institutions located in such countries. As part of these objectives, the foundation

  • promotes the children with monetary aid (payment of school fees to the school, provision of tools for education);
  • enhances their proper education in order to prepare them for the requirements and challenges of the work force market and life in general;
  • as part of promoting the educational institutions, by providing donations and materials, as well as involvement of volunteers to enhance the development of the educational environment and the development of the quality of education;
  • through presentations making Hungary known in such countries.


The scope of activity of the foundation:


The activity of the foundation in Hungary shall be the following:

  1. collection of donations for the purpose of reaching the objectives;
  2. recruitment of volunteers;
  3. raising the awareness of African life, culture and people through presentations, providing information about Africa for schools, companies, local communities; the presentation of the African people and culture, the living conditions of the children on Africa Days and other events
  4. enforcement and perseverance of Hungarian-African cultural relations;
  5. organization of exhibitions, events for the popularization of African cultures and arts, preparation of books and other publications;
  6. organization of humanitarian travels to the Western African countries.


The foundation may pursue the following business activities for the provision of the financial conditions for the feasibility of its objectives:


  • sale of handmade products produced in Africa (musical instruments, clothes, souvenirs);
  • sale of publications, books about Africa.


Pursuing business activities may not become the core activity of the Foundation, it cannot jeopardize the objectives of the Foundation or its core activity for enhancing its objectives. The revenue arising from the business activity may not exceed 60% of the total annual income. Any revenue arising from the business activity shall only be used in accordance with the objectives of the Foundation.