New year, new children, new program!

First of all, we wish you a happy 2019! With the new year we would like to give new hope to the children we met in November in the Yeumbeul district of Dakar, Senegal.

You can read about the program here, and meet the children here. Let us know if you are ready to take part in this journey! You can contact us on


Supporters' Evening

November was the month of travels in the foundation's life. Morris Andi travelled to Bamako (Xeless Hand Wash Project), de Jager Kati and Gyurácz Andi travelled to Dakar (Art For Life Program) to learn about the foundation's programs and their development. We would like to share our experiences with you.

We look forward to meeting you and everyone interested at the Pannonkincstár Building on January 24, 2019 at 17:30 (Budapest, District V, Váci utca 57, during the supporters' evening. Morris Andrea will talk about her journey to Bamako, de Jager Katalin and Gyurácz Andrea will report about the results, the experiences in Dakar in a lecture with projected images. The event is open, we welcome everyone who is interested.

Please let us know if you are interested and would like to join by e-mail:

Personal Income Tax 1%

From January 1 January 2019, our foundation has been added to the list of organisations entitled to use the 1% of personal income tax according to the taxpayer's provision. Please help us by asking to transfer your 1% of your Personal Income Tax to our account. Our tax number is 18759338-1-42

We also encourage you to inform your friends about this support possibility, helping African children's dreams come true.

Africa Days

On the 1st and the 2nd of December, 2018, we participated in the Africa Days organized by Foundation for Africa. As part of the program, Morris Andrea held an interesting presentation about her Bamako journey, its results and young African women. The "Gift for Donation" initiative was a great success, in the "Senegalese Bazaar", interested people could choose their favourites from Senegalese necklaces, bracelets, sandstones, shea butter of various scents, and who tasted the African snacks was not disappointed either.

The School of Hope Program (Dakar, Senegal)

On 12 December we launched a new program, "The School of Hope Program" in Dakar, Senegal. We would like to pay tuition fees for talented orphan or half-orphan children to attend school.

These children are the students of the Cours Privée Boun Said Ba School in Yeumbeul Quarter, Dakar.

Since the foundation of this school in 1985, an English teacher (who currently teaches at the school), a doctor and an engineer have been finished here, and the director himself grew up as an orphan. Children can learn from the first grade in the school until their graduation. The elementary has 6 classes, upper classes complete 4 classes, followed by a "GED". For those who succeed, they can study here for another 3 years, or at another school, to graduate high school in the end. Successful graduation will lead them to continue their university studies...

10 students have been recommended by their teachers, all of the children are among the best students in the class. All of them are half-orphans or orphans, mostly the fathers died. The absence of the father in the Senegalese society makes the wives and children vulnerable, because after the loss of the head of the family, their fate and their further support is left to the grace of father's family.

We have added plus 2 little girls for the begging of their mother: as she couldn't go to school, she asked to make it better for her daughters!

Each child needs a symbolic adoptive parent, a well-intentioned supporter, in order to continue their studies or start their studies.

How can you help?

- a one-year symbolic adoption - a suggested monthly amount of support for 12 months,is 5,000 HUF monthly. The amount of support includes tuition fees, enrollment fees, school uniforms and textbooks, and a program administration fee of 500 HUF.

- with special packages (school supplies, clothes, toys) that we regularly deliver to the children thanks to the Travels To Africa Tour Operator.

You can meet the children here.


Water, water, clean water!


Thanks to the generous donation of Xeless company, the sanitary rooms of the school have been renewed. On 6 November, 2018, a historic moment in the life of the school came: drinking water was running from the tap!

Thus, the "Hand Wash Project" funded by Xeless could already taken place.


New high school students

All of our seniors who passed their exams successfully will further their educations! Thus, the number of our high school students rose to 13 in 2018/2019 school year!!! A new student who will study at the Faculty of Law has become a university student, so now we have 2 students who study at a university!

Senegal - Art For Life Program

Katalin de Jager and Andrea Gyurácz were in Senegal between the 5th and the 11th of November. With the help of our local contributors, we found appropriate schools for all the children in the Art For Life Program and enrolled them. We visited 6 schools, families, talked with teachers, directors, parents, children. A new cooperation have been established with one of the schools: in one of the schools in Yeumbeul, suburbs of Dakar, we will support the talented, well-performing orphan and half orphan children by paying the school fee, helping them to attend school. The founder of the school himself grew up as a half orphan, this suburban school is a result of his sincere motivation, from which an engineer, a doctor and an English teacher already came out, the English teacher currently teaches at this school. The writing and preparation of the new program is in progress, we wish to announce its launch on 1 December, 2018. The Travels To Africa Tour Operator group took out the personal gifts, but each of our supported budding artists received a personalized gift. We talked to them, they drew, they wrote to their supporters, which we will soon forward together with the photographs. We would like to report about the travel and the experiences at a supporters meeting, we will inform you about the date of this meeting in time. The OzonTV crew monitored our work for one day. We will inform you in advance of the showing of this film. You can read a detailed report on the Senegalese trip that can be found on the website in the blog section.


Bamako, Mali<

On the 1st of October the 2018-2019 school year began in École Chérifoula!!

The teaching and administrative staff in Bamako and Mme Sissoko (far right), the director

Schoolbook distribution

Thanks to the supporters, we managed to buy the schoolbooks for all our small supportees this year as well. There was great rejoicing when the books were distributed. We've received photos of every child, but they've grown and changed so much recently that we've hardly recognized some of them! We hope that the nice new schoolbooks and the reward for the top six place in the class will only increase further their appetite for learning.




The sanitary rooms have been renewed!

Thanks to the generous donation of the Xeless company, the sanitary rooms of the school have been renewed by the start of the school year, thus, the "Handwash Project" funded by Xeless could take place! Not only one more toilet, but hand wash facilities have also been developed at the school. There can be drinking water at the scool in some days. From our foundation, Morris Andrea, head of the project, travels to Bamako in November to attend the ceremony organized for the initiation of the sanitary unit and to hand over the decorations made by a high school in Budapest that teaches correct hand washing.

You can follow the events of Morris Andrea's trip to Bamako on our Facebook page by following the Xeless-Hand Wash Project Bamako event.

Our "Every Brick Counts" program restarted

If you can support the swift completion of the school in Bamako, please send your donation to us by transfer to the Foundation's bank account number: 10400872-50526751-68831003, with the words "brick ticket" in the remarks box. The next phase of the shool building will be the painting and decoration of the classrooms.