Child support program in Bamako



We pay school fees for talented children in poverty in an area of the world where there is no free education.

The children are students in the École Chérifoula primary school in Bamako. They have been selected through family visits with the help from their teachers. They are among the bests of the class but their parents are struggling to keep them at school due to lack of funds. They live in one of Bamako’s slums, Sanfil.

École Chérifoula is an island of hope, surrounded by a dirty swamp covered in green slime in a city where cows graze on trash dumps, accompanied by the unbearable stench of open drains full of black, rotting garbage. And of course, the usual 45°C heat, inside the tin-roofed huts. Those who attend École Chérifoula are lucky enough to have parents that can pay the school fees, or at least try to, although the school is considered to be very low-priced.

Those living in the slum of Sanfil either attend École Chérifoula, or don’t go to school at all. Currently these children don’t receive any support from any other person or association. All of them are in need of a symbolic adoptive parent, so they can continue their studies.

You can help in two ways:

  • By symbolically adopting a child for a year – with a suggested monthly amount of HUF 3.500.-which you can pay by bank transfer either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or for a full year.
  • By a lump sum support – the amount to be determined by you