Madiné Bagayogo

Madiné Bagayogo
Year of birth: 

Madiné is a nine year old child studying in fourth grade. Her family has six children. The father works at a battery factory, while the mother sells peanuts at the market. Both parents are illiterate. They didn’t have the money to send the two oldest school-aged children to school. Even for those who do study, the family struggles to pay the fees. The family lives in deep poverty.  With difficulties they managed to build a tiny, 4x4 shelter of corrugated sheet in which they all live in. Inside the room it is at least 44, much hotter than outside. The parents sleep in a decent bed, while the children get to sleep on a bulrush mat on the floor right by the entrance. Two of her siblings are seriously ill, one of them suffering from tuberculosis. They don’t get to eat meals regularly. Madiné is a physically strong, sporty girl trained by hard work. According to her teachers, she is exceptionally talented, but also very communicative and chatty. She loves to learn new things. Her favourite subjects are grammar and moral studies. She doesn’t own anything to write with, but she shows us her booklet that she takes out of a rice bag. She likes being well-organised.

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Dr. Kovács Gabriella Ágnes
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