Moussa Badian Sylla

Moussa Badian Sylla
Year of birth: 

Eight years old and in third grade at the start of our program, this boy lives with eight siblings, his blind father and club-footed mother. (In Mali, it is traditional for the disabled to marry another disabled person.) His father wasn’t born blind, at a younger age, he was even learning to be the leader of the local mosque. When he lost his eyesight from an eye disease, he was also prevented of doing being what he planned to be. The family lives in two small rooms by the side of the mosque. They live on the money donated by the muslim community. His father studied the Quran at school, so he knows how to read and write arabic. They don’t have enough money to pay for their talented son’s education. Out of their nine children, only four can go to school. Badjan, as he is nicknamed within the family, enjoys writing the most.

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