Sanata Kanakomo

Sanata Kanakomo
Year of birth: 

Seven year old Sanata is the youngest in a family with eight children. Both of her parents are illiterate. Her father is a taylor, (who finds work roaming the streets of Bamako with his sewing machine) her mother sells fish for a living. They live near the school, next to a large rubbish dump. Their house though is in good condition in comparison the the local average. Inside their little room, it is almost empty except for a few mats for sleeping on. They have electricity in the house, but they have to go to the well for water. All of their children go to school, six go to the free state school, and two go to the private one. According to her teacher, she is one of the most talented in the entire class. Her parents can’t affort to pay for her education, or buy her booklets, pens and pencils. She writes on a small board with tiny pieces of chalk.


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