Art for life



AFRICA ANOTHER WAY Foundation starts  its operation in a new country in cooperation with the "Travel to Africa!" Travel Agency!


The aim of the program is to enhance the survival of the traditional Senegalese tribal arts and ensure the education of  little emerging artists.

The development of the little, talented emerging artists living in the Grand Yoff District of Dakar is hindered by their living circumstances. They live their life on a very basic level and with unbalanced diet. They do not have real teachers; they learn the arts in an ad-hoc way, by following the training  of the elders. They reserve their energy for the daily fight for survival  Therefore they do not have sufficient time and energy for the development of their talents.

The purpose of the program is to discover the most talented (young)emerging artists and create an environment which  ensures better education as well as helping them to develop by involving well known Senegalese artists, choreographers and musicians. So as they grow up it might provide them a  better living and it helps to preserve the tribal culture.

The goals of the program for the nominated children are:

  • to go to a school which provides better quality education;
  • to provide a balanced diet and to avoid that he/she needs to work in order to get food, but instead, could participate in the education of art ;
  • to sleep on a mattress instead of the floor so he/she could have proper rest;
  • to get the necessary health care, medication in order to ensure his/her physical condition for practicing art; and
  • to purchase the tools and equipment necessary for pursuing the choosen art.

The sponsored child shall be selected by Senegalese artists during a „Senegalese Mini X-Factor” competition which was  held at the end of December 2016 as part of a grand festival. The amount paid for the sponsored child should  cover the costs of his/her school fee in a private school,  an one time payment for the purchase of a mattress in order to ensure that the child does not need to sleep on the floor as well the costs of the child’s medical treatment and better quality food. The donations will be transferred with the help of  the Travels To Africa Travel Agency, whose representatives control the use of the funds. The Foundation requires proof of payment of the school fees, the child’s educational results (school reports) and  the costs of the medical treatments.

Half the amount of the support covers the cost of education. Every child who visits  a school in Senegal has to pay annually CFA 5,000. For this amount they enter into an overcrowded school where strikes and class cancellations happen very often. The education promoted by the Foundation ensures that the child obtains a better quality education which facilitates better possibilities to continue the studies (please note that this is not an elite education). The school starts in October and ends at the end of July (10 months).

The remaining part of the support shall be used for the art education and for the ensurance of a better physical condition for the child (such as medical treatment of the wounds obtained  during practicing), purchase of musical instruments, costumes for performances, purchase of food in order to release the child from working.

A child's support contains two part:

- a one-time €35 grant that is spent on the most urgent needs of the given child (improving sleeping conditions (matrices instead of on the ground), taking care of injuries, treating ilnesses or clothing)

- a €24 support per month, covering the following:

    - educational costs. In state schools that are overcrowded, lessons are cancelled and strikes are common. The quality education provided by us provides a much better standard of learning opportunities for life and further education (although this is still far from the quality of the private schools in elite Senegal). The school runs from October to the end of July (10 months)

    - the remaining support is used for the child's artistic education and healthy development (eg medical costs for the treatment of possible injuries, the purchase of dresses and musical instruments or the provision of a child's meals so that it does not go to school with an empty stomach in the morning.


The support may be paid via bank transfer/direct payment to the bank account or by cash at the registered office of the Foundation, indicating the name of the sponsored child.





The first supported child of the „ART FOR LIFE” Program could be admired by the public in the summer and autumn of 2016 in Hungary.

Papa is 9 years old, likes to go to school. He is in second grade. He is devoted to dancing from an early age, his talent was discovered at the age of 5 during playing on the streets. Since then he is learning the various dances and music instruments. Neither the school equipment nor a healthy environment is ensured for his development. He eats twice a day, mostly rice, sleeps on the floor, his legs are full of untreated wounds.DSC_2884a.jpg

He has two sisters and one brother. He is the oldest child in the family. His mother is a housewoman, she grew up in a small village in South-Senegal. She is illiterate and she does not have any income. His father keeps the family going. Papa is a talented acrobatic dancer. He performs in shows with his elder, musician relatives at local parties, christenings, weddings during late nights. He spends the money earned this way on fruits, toys and clothes for himself. He studies well, he understands and speaks French, Wolof and Peul. His favorite food is French-fries, and adores apples which is a very expensive import fruit in Senegal so he can enjoy it very rarely. His main music instrument as well as prop for his dance is a calabash, a big pot made of pumpkin. He is a master in drumming on it with rings on his fingers and he can make different sounds and rhythms with their help. Papa spends all his free time at the trainings of the Ballet Sory Camara and tries to learn the finesse of the dance art.

He radiates tremendous energy towards his audience. Should his healthy physical and mental development be ensured, he had a great chance for a great carrier.