Tenin Ballo

Tenin Ballo
Year of birth: 

In 2014, Tenin was a six year old child in first grade. She is the youngest of eight children. Out of her siblings, only three went to school. Her mother attended school, but her father didn’t and doesn’t know how to read. The family lives in one room, sleeping in one big bed. In their little house they have electricity, and even a working television set. The family also owns a bicycle. Her father manufactures blades about 150 metres away from their house. They do their cooking outside in an untidy courtyard, they have to use their neighbours toilet. Her family has to go to the well to get water. They live in deep poverty in a dirty and unhygienic environment, and can’t even afford to pay for her education. Her teachers suggested her for our program. Her family calls her „Benjáminja”, which means „hope”.

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