Fatoumata Diarra

Fatoumata Diarra
Year of birth: 

At the time we met, she was a seven year old child in second grade. Her family has four children. She is not only a beautiful girl, but she is extremely smart and has a sense of purpose. When asked about what she plans to be when she grows up, she said with great confidence: „minister”. Her father has left the family, the locals just call it „roaming around”. The family lives in a big courtyard along with a few other families, two cows, many chickens and a few sheep. They live in one room, all of them sleeping in one bed. Inside her shiny „Louis Vuitton” handbag, she keeps a few small pencils and a slightly torn booklet. Their mother sells seasonal fruits and vegetables at the market. (Mangos when at the time we visited) Her sister goes to the free state school, but they haven’t been able to pay for Fatoumata’s private school for months.

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