Djénéba Diarra

Djénéba Diarra
Year of birth: 

In 2014, she was a six year old child in first grade. She lives in a family of three, without a father, who died two years ago in Hepatitis. Since he died, the family lives in a ruined brick building provided by the government. Their relatives live outside of the city, so her mother doesn’t receive any help from anyone. All of her aunts and uncles are dead too. Her mother is illiterate, and sells onions at the market for a living. Hawa goes to the same class as her sister, and she the top student in her class. They don’t own any booklets or any writing utencils, so they write on a board with tiny pieces of chalk. They carry these to school in small handbags. The small family does all their cooking outside at the courtyard, and they use water from the well. Often they can’t afford one meal per day, not to mention the school fees.


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