Ibrahima Sory Camara, "PAPA"

Ibrahima Sory Camara, Papa
Year of birth: 

The first supported child of the „ART FOR LIFE” Program could be admired by the public in the summer and autumn of 2016 in Hungary.

Papa is 9 years old, likes to go to school. He is in second grade. He is devoted to dancing from an early age, his talent was discovered at the age of 5 during playing on the streets. Since then he is learning the various dances and music instruments. Neither the school equipment nor a healthy environment is ensured for his development. He eats twice a day, mostly rice, sleeps on the floor, his legs are full of untreated wounds.

He has two sisters and one brother. He is the oldest child in the family. His mother is a housewoman, she grew up in a small village in South-Senegal. She is illiterate and she does not have any income. His father keeps the family going. Papa is a talented acrobatic dancer. He performs in shows with his elder, musician relatives at local parties, christenings, weddings during late nights. He spends the money earned this way on fruits, toys and clothes for himself. He studies well, he understands and speaks French, Wolof and Peul. His favorite food is French-fries, and adores apples which is a very expensive import fruit in Senegal so he can enjoy it very rarely. His main music instrument as well as prop for his dance is a calabash, a big pot made of pumpkin. He is a master in drumming on it with rings on his fingers and he can make different sounds and rhythms with their help. Papa spends all his free time at the trainings of the Ballet Sory Camara and tries to learn the finesse of the dance art.

He radiates tremendous energy towards his audience. Should his healthy physical and mental development be ensured, he had a great chance for a great carrier.


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Faragó Ibolya
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