Mariama Bodian

Mariama Bodian
Year of birth: 

Mariama is a 5th grader. The 11-year-old girl is a half orphan, her father died. Her mother is trying to provide for the 12 children by washing clothes as work. Mariama is the youngest of the children, she has 4 older sisters and 7 older brothers. She likes going to school, her favourite subject is French, and she loves reading. Mariama is the 3rd best student of her class with an average of 8.72 (the maximum being 10). She cleans at home, and she loves playing a local game in which girls are clapping and tapping with their feet. When she grows up, she wants to work in an office. She would love to get some clothes, dresses and skirts, her favourite colors are red, blue and pink.


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