Ibrahima Baldé

Ibrahima Baldé
Year of birth: 

Ibrahima is a 6th grader. The 10-year-old little boy with sad eyes is an orphan. He lives with his grandmother with his 2 sisters and brother. His grandmother goes to the local market every day to beg for food or money, so they can have something to eat. He likes going to school, his favourite subject is maths. He’s the 6th best student of his class with an average of 7.52 (the maximum being 10). He is a good student and is determined to study even though he has no school supplies, there’s no money to pay for those. He wants to be a doctor. He likes soccer, his favourite is the Senegalese team ‘Lions of Teranga”, his favourite player is Mane. He wants a pair of shoes and “elegant clothes”, whatever that means… Well a doctor should be elegant after all.


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