Pape Ousmane Faye

Pape Ousmane Faye
Year of birth: 

carving artist died. His mother doesn’t work, his father’s brother is providing for them with 3 sisters and 2 brothers. On his arm, he has a little tattoo, saying “Papa” ... He likes going to school, his favourite subject is French, and he loves reading. Ousmane was top of his class last year, however this year the family couldn’t afford to buy him any school supplies, so sadly he isn’t performing as well, as he doesn’t have a pen, a notebook, nor textbooks either. At home, he helps out with cleaning. He loves playing soccer and according to him, he’s really good at it, and he is playing at a small local team too. His favourite team is Barcelona and Messi is his God! He wants to be a soccer player or a minister. He really wants a pair of football shoes…

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