Sanssoba Coulibaly

Sanssoba Coulibaly
Year of birth: 

Graduated in 2015, Sanssoba lives in a family with six children. Her father finished college, and now works at an architect office, while her mother is illiterate and doesn’t have a job. The family lives in only one small room. She enjoys learning, her favourite subject is maths. Sanssoba is fluent in French, but also speaks a little English. She plans to become a soldier, to protect her country if needed. Lacking any pencils and pens, she still does exceptionally well academically. Her parents struggle financially, and haven’t been able to pay the school fee for months.

Thanks to KDJ and her family for the donation!

Bár már végzett diák volt, ő is kapott csomagot a 2016 februárjában támogatójától.


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