Moussa Siaka Sidibe

Moussa Siaka Sidibe
Year of birth: 

Graduatad in 2015, Moussa is raised by his father. His mother died in childbirth just after the birth of their fourth child only a year ago. They live with their relatives in a narrow courtyard, five people in each room. In the centre of the coutryard grows a tree to provide shade for them. Such tree is considered a treasure in the slum of Bamako. The family keeps chickens, rabbits and pidgeons in cages. The grandmother helps the family in raising the children. The father is a blue collar worker, but only works occasionally. Neither of the parents attended school. From his siblings, one studies at a state school, while the others are too young. For months, the family hasn’t been able to pay the fee for talented Moussa’s education. His favourite subject is English. Out of his torn, worn-out backpack torn notebooks appear. He also owns a damaged pencil case, which can’t be opened, so is not too useful for keeping his pens. When asked about his future plans, he says with a shy voice: he wants to be president. We tell him that a president has to be confident and has to make a lot of speeches. He just giggles quietly.

Thanks to KDJ and her family for the donation, with which Moussa could graduate from school!


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