Yacouba Camara

Yacouba Camara
Year of birth: 

Graduated in 2016, Yacouba lives in a family with five children and many difficulties. His father left the family and currently their mother is unwell in hospital. She just had an operation. They live together with their aunt and her children, and with their grandmother. Ten of them live in one room with a long courtyard. His mother tries to earn money as a casual seller on the market. While his mother is illiterate, all of the children are educated. The oldest even finished high school! Yacouba enjoys learning, his favourite subjects are chemistry, physics and biology. He would like to become a doctor. He only owns one notebook, which he takes good care of, and writes beautifully. Speaks good French, and a little English. He responds to questions with confidence and wisdom. He likes football, his favourite team is Barcelona, his favourite player is Messi (who’s name is on the back of his T-shirt).

Thanks to Mária Molnár for the donation, which made graduation possible for him!

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