Yablé Karembe

Yablé Karambe
Year of birth: 

At the time of our meeting, she was 12 year old fifth grader, raised in a family with six children. Her father works as a tailor, but sadly doesn’t have much to do. For a while, the family lived in Ivory Coast, so unlike her classmates, she speaks French exceedingly well. Both her parents are illiterate, and from their five school-aged children two doesn’t have the chance to be educated because of financial reasons. The family struggles with paying the school, if ever payed. The two eldest children never entered school. Yablé enjoys learning, his favourite subject is grammar, and according to her teacher, she has great talent. She shows us her neatly written notebook taken out from her wood-eared handbag. The family is not in famine, but doesn’t really have decent meals either,  her father’s payment is not enough to provide for that.

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