Djénéba Toure

Djénéba Toure
Year of birth: 

At the time our program started, she was a 13 year old seventh grader being raised in a family with five other children. Her father is an electritian, who is literate, but currently unemployed. Her mother never went to school, and sells salad at the market for a living. Only one of her siblings were educated, the others didn’t get the chance because of financial reasons. They live in a tin-roofed house in a courtyard, which has it’s own well. There is electricity inside. Often the only meal they get is the salad that their mother couldn’t sell that day. Djénéba carries her two notebooks in a red handbag, but she doesn’t own a pen or a pencil. According to her teachers, she is an outstandingly clever girl. Djénéba enjoys moral and social studies. Like every other child in Mali, she would like to be president one day. They haven’t been able to pay the school fee for quite a few months now.

Djénéba graduated in the summer of 2016. Thanks for the support from Vesztergombi Krisztina!


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