Nana Diarra

Nana Diarra
Year of birth: 

Fourteen year old Nana is in ninth grade, so she will be graduating this year in 2017. Her family has six children. Her mother sells bread bought from the baker at the market while her father plants trees for a living. The family lives together with a few other families in a narrow courtyard. Her mother is illiterate while her father attended school. Her older sister studies at high school, which her brother started too, but dropped out. One of her other siblings goes to primary school too. Nana loves learning, especially maths. She wants to become a doctor. She uses a big, colourful handbag decorated with flowers to keep her few notebooks and two pens. She also owns two used textbooks carefully wrapped up in newspapers. Her grades at school are outstanding, but the family haven’t been able to pay for her education for nearly a year.

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