Aminata Toure

Aminata Toure
Year of birth: 

At the time we met, Animata was 12 years old, and in fifth grade. She has two siblings. Her father is a tailor, but currently doesn’t have a job. The family lives on the salad sold by her mother. Both parents are illiterate. Aminata is a little hero: four days before we met, she was hit by a motorbike and sadly broke her leg. Her family couldn’t afford medical treatment, so they fixed her open fracture by tying it between two wooden boards and wrapping it around with a strap. She was lying on the ground on the courtyard, but sat up when she saw us arrive. She looked weak and had tears of pain in her eyes, but didn’t cry. We took her to the hospital, and thankfully, her leg was saved. She is a gifted student, but because of financial reasons, se has to help her mother at home, and therefore has to miss a lot of school. She enjoys learning, her favourite subject is grammar. She has a worn-out handbag, in which she keeps her beautifully written notebooks. The family is often in hunger, because the business of selling salad sometimes isn’t even enough for food.

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