Awa Dembele

Awa Dembele
Year of birth: 

12 years old in 2014, Awa is a sixth grade student living with her grandmother and two cousins. Her parents live away from the city (in the so-called „bush”) with her three siblings. She is a gifted student, that’s why her parents send her to a good school in Bamako. The ruined, dirty house they live in with two other wives of Awa’s deceised grandfather has seen better days. She sleeps right next to the door on a dirty bulrush mat. Toilet and shower is only available for them at their neighbour’s house. She enjoys learning, her favourite subject is maths. She speaks good French, but only a little English. She carries her booklets in a disintergrating black bag. Her family couldn’t affort to pay the school fee for a long time, but being en exceptionally good student, she was allowed to stay at the school.



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