Aly Toure

Aly Toure
Year of birth: 

At the start of our program, he was a ten year old child in fourth grade. His family has six children. His father is literate, and previosly worked as an electrician, but is currently unemployed. Her mother never learned to read. She sells salad at the market. Only the eldest of their children attended school, the other were left out because of financial reasons. They live in a tin-roofed house in a closed courtyard, which has it’s own well. The rooms have working lights inside them. Often, the only thing they get to eat is the salad that the mother couldn’t sell that day. Aly carries his two booklets inside a small red backpack, but he doesn’t  own any stationary. He loves grammar, he would one day like to be a doctor. The family haven’t been able to pay the school fee for months.


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