Chaka Doumbia

Chaka Doumbia
Year of birth: 

In 2014, he is a nine year old boy studying in sixth grade. The family has four children. His father was a taxi driver (rented a car) but hasn’t been able go work for almost two years because of his serious diabetes. His father attended school for a short time, while his mother never did. The family lives in one room inside a courtyard. The family’s basic needs are met by their relatives, otherwise they wouldn’t have enough even for one meal a day. Chaka enjoys learning, his favourite subject is grammar. He wants to be a football player, his favourite club is Barcelona, but his favourite national team is France. He has a worn-out, pink backpack, in which he keeps his booklets, but he doesn’t own any stationary. His handwriting is very neat. Chaka always gets very good grades at school. The family haven’t been able to pay the school fee for months.

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