Ibrahim Taore

Ibrahim Taore
Year of birth: 


This little boy was born in 2011 and goes already to first grade. He lives in a family with six children. The father is working in a dairy factory, the mom is a housewife, but occasionally selling rice with sauce near the big slaughterhouse. She is an excellent cook, she prepares food for everyone living in their big, clean yard. The father’s family lives here, at least 40 people. Ibrahim’s exemplar is his sister, who is very smart, and goes to high school and an excellent student. Both parents went to school, and the mom even graduated high school. Dad finished only primary school. They even have a big fridge, although, it only works if they have anything to put in it and that does not happen too often.

Ibrahim takes out his little board from his worn-out Batman backpack and shows us how well he can write vowels. When we start talking about him, he gets very shy, so his mum answers the question of “what you will be when you grow up”, saying he would be a doctor. Actually he is an exception in Sanfil, as he is not a Barcelona, ​​but a Real Madrid fan and obviously  Ronaldo is his role model.



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