Ibrahima dit Bara Sissao

Ibrahima dit Bara Sissao
Year of birth: 


Although Ibrahima was born in 2003, he is still only in 4th grade. Earlier, his parents had him go to Koranic school for 5 years, where he learned to read Arabic while copying the texts of the Koran. He is the 11th best student in the class, his average is 7.5 / 10 which is an excellent result. None of his parents went to school. His father is a furrier, his mother is a housewife. His father has two wives and seven children living in the same family. Ibrahima is the first child in the family to go to school. He speaks good French. They live in a narrow yard with three rooms, together with the grandparents. He does not have school books at all. He prefers to go to Chérifoula school because he does not have to beg on the streets like he had to in the Koranic school. His chore at home is to fetch water. He carries the 25 liter jerrycans home in a wheel-barrow. Often the family has no food on the table. He likes to play football and  his favorite team is Barcelona. He wants to be a soldier so he can defend his country.




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