Koura Doumbia

Koura Doumbia
Year of birth: 


9 year old Koura, born in 2008, is growing up in a family with three children (soon four children). In the big family several generations live together in a big yard, where each family has a tiny room for itself. Koura’s parents attended school, the father is engaged in animal breeding, he has cows, the mother is a housewife. In the yard there is electricity, toilet and they have water from the nearby well. The big family has a motorcycle too. Koura is a clever little girl, 7,33 / 10 is her average, she is the 9th best student in her class. She loves math and wants to be a doctor. They usually are able give the children meal three times a day. She has a uniform, her palate, and some chalk, which she pulls out of a worn-out blue backpack. The family has difficulty to pay the tuition fee.


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